And one, and two, and three …

And not zero, no. Because many other members of the french community of Second Life service providers also won prizes. A big up for them also.

Three prizes won by Community Chest at the Intraverse 2008 event.

Trophé Intraverse 2008 

These prizes represented a world premiere organized by  B-R-Ent (Blog RSS et Entreprise). A prestigious jury was assembled (ANDESE, l’ADETEM, la Fabrique du Futur et Nano-marketing), with a lot of ambitions an 7 categories of projects were given at a press conference that occurred during the TEC-Paris  fair.

All the award ceremony was put on tape and will be reused in the regional Tec fairs.

An to top the sundae (…), it is in superb reproduction of the Bourse du Commerce built by Stephane Zugzwang  that  Philip Linden (aka Philip Rosedale) gave the prizes directly from Second Life.


Let me first point out the important dynamism of all the frenc community of SL providers that presented really keen projects.

Finally, I am very (very, very, very, …) proud of the three prizes won by Community Chest and especially proud of our client’s ambition that were recognized : Shell pour l’espace collaboratif de travail que nous leur avons réalisé,

Thanks to everyone : the organizers, our partners Unfrozenmind, Community Chest brilliant team, our clients that trusted us … and, of course, all my family …

P.S. : and because a good news never arrives alone, we are very happy of the media launch of ArcelorMittalarcelormittal Second Life site which was announced this morning ! The season of corporate intraverses has really been launched …




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  1. Congratulations guys!
    Clap clap…;-)

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